UT Dallas Art Barn

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We are initiating a Yarn Bombing! “Arms Around The Barn”. Bring a sweater decorated with your name, Graduation Year or projected year, your major & class you have taken in the Art Barn if Art & Performance or Aesthetics or ATEC is not your major. We will knit them together wrist to wrist and wrap the UTD Art Barn. This will be a fabulous visual map to everyone about how loved this building is. If we continue to raze every old building to the ground on this campus, we lose our heritage. This little gem of 70′s modernist architecture should be retained with all it’s charm. It’s an Art icon to our campus and the surrounding DFW area.

—Cynthia, Jennifer B., Lance, Greg, Kaitlyn, Corinne, Lori, Eric, & Jennifer V.

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