The Arizona Sunset

Our house faced west, and we would actually sit outside and watch the changing colors of the sunset until it got dark. Many of those sunsets and dramatic skies are captured in Arizona Highways Magazine from the late 60′s & early 70′s.

Like most places, development has completely changed that landscape. I miss it, I think about it a lot sometimes. You used to be able to see the Milky Way at night, and you can’t anymore. But, do I miss that time in my life? Oh hell no! I wouldn’t want to go back in time for anything. I’m much happier now, and I love where I live. I guess what I’m really putting my ring on is the treasured memories of that spectacular landscape.

My ring is crocheted using double and triple crochet stitches. The “jewel” is a small piece of hyperbolic crochet.

—Julie, Los Angeles

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