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The Colosseum

I live in Rome and everyday I can see one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, the Colosseum. Every time I look at it, I like trying to imagine what used to happen in this magnificent place 2000 years ago and I love getting lost in these thoughts. Unfortunately for my photo, it is actually bundled off many scaffolds for a restoration work. I hope I will be soon able to yarn bomb it again without them covering its facade!


UT Dallas Art Barn

We are initiating a Yarn Bombing! “Arms Around The Barn”. Bring a sweater decorated with your name, Graduation Year or projected year, your major & class you have taken in the Art Barn if Art & Performance or Aesthetics or ATEC is not your major. We will knit them together wrist to wrist and wrap the UTD Art Barn. This will be a fabulous visual map to everyone about how loved this building is. If we continue to raze every old building to the ground on this campus, we lose our heritage. This little gem of 70′s modernist architecture should be retained with all it’s charm. It’s an Art icon to our campus and the surrounding DFW area.

—Cynthia, Jennifer B., Lance, Greg, Kaitlyn, Corinne, Lori, Eric, & Jennifer V.

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My ring is around a quilted heart my mother made my immediate family. It expresses the love we have for one another and our love of art especially hand made pieces.


Ketchup and Syrup

My children put a ring around ketchup and syrup! They would put both (possibly together) on everything edible if they could.  Ketchup is classified as a vegetable (right?) and real maple syrup is natural (it comes from a tree after all!).

—The Noles Family

Manhattan Beach

One of my favorite destinations to walk on the pier, or skate and cycle on the paths. Fun to watch the volleyball and surfing too!


The Bellas

This is my FAVORITE group of women from Fellowship Monrovia church (in Monrovia). We are called The Bellas and meet every Monday night to encourage and support each other.


Friendship Circle

Where better to put my fourth and last ring than on a circle? Friendship Circle South Bay is a local non-profit program that provides free or low-cost social and play opportunities for kids with disabilities and their nondisabled peers. My son’s been enjoying Friendship Circle activities for about six years; my daughter is a volunteer, now that she’s a teen too. We can walk to this site, and do often. They’re working for an inclusive community in our neighborhood. They get a nice bright colorful ring.


Spring Flowers

Daffodils indoors and outdoors, Lilacs, brought by my mother-in-law Alice from HER mother-in-law Bessie’s garden in 1943. Grape hyacinths, tulips with a coral pink flower I can’t name, and peonies getting ready to bloom behind the daffodils.


American Folk Art Museum et al

On April 9, my friend Alice took me to the American Folk Art Museum, a tiny but exclusive fabric and yarn shop called Habu, and the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City. I temporarily placed and photographed rings in the museum’s donation box and on the minimalist sign outside Habu’s 8th-floor entrance. At Lion Brand, I left my signature mushrooms (made with Lion Brand yarn!) in a basket on their classroom table and posted a ring on their bulletin board under ‘News from the Yarniverse.’