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I made these with Paracord and the ring is by Mix and Mingle beads and charms. This is a new little project I am doing. Since I am single- I decided to wear a ring- it may be small but it is making me happy!!


California Poppy

Another ring in my Culver City neighborhood! It’s on the first California poppy to bloom in my ‘water-wise’ front garden in spring 2014. In this case, the yarn bomb preceded the poppy, as it had been the prototype of my current ring series: acrylic yarn crocheted in a straight piece and sewn onto a circle of up-cycled coat-hanger wire (bent into shape by my husband). The ‘jewel’ is embroidered with a sparkly, light-weight plastic cord.


Little Free Library

I put a ring on a Little Free Library on my street in Culver City, CA. See for info. I love the idea of sharing books with neighbors in this way. It’s sort of like yarnbombing, but with books instead of fiber art pieces being placed decoratively where you least expect to find them.

The ring is crocheted with acrylic rug yarn and sewn onto a coat-hanger wire frame which extends into the ground at the base of the library. The ‘jewels’ are mid-20th-century glass buttons collected by my mother (1915-2013), and sewn on with faux mother-of-pearl beads from a worn-out ‘scrunchy’ hair ornament.

Mel’s Drive-in

Put A Ring On…” is the latest community installation of YARN BOMBING L.A., a guerrilla movement of yarn crafters who bring their art into the community.  Putting a ring symbolically and literally on anything treasured, I  chose MEL as my special community place because I have been patronizing it with my family ever since I moved into the neighborhood of Sunset Plaza.

At MEL’s, I have celebrated birthdays and had Sunday brunches throughout the year and over the years.  I know the very professional yet friendly staff who know me.  I have my favorite table and booth.  MEL’s feels like an extension of myself into the world.
—Luisa Bottari, Yarn Bomber

The Rumor Mill Cafe

This ring is crocheted of acrylic rug yarn and sewn onto a frame of coat-hanger wire. Plastic opalescent beads are attached with telephone wire. It’s hung with a clear push pin onto the wall next to a busy bulletin board space. I like the way the push pin picks up opalescence from the ring’s ‘jewels.’
In late May of 2013, I mounted a crocheted monster foot at the base of a parking meter in front of The Rumor Mill, and it has remained there undisturbed ever since. I ‘visit’ the monster foot a couple of times a week when I go to The Rumor Mill for lunch or brunch.
There’s always a well-chosen display of art on the inside walls of The Rumor Mill, and they also provide an occasional venue for readings and live music. When my poetry collection comes out, I intend to host a publication party at The Rumor Mill.



Yarn Bombers in Madison, Wisconsin tied scarves and hats to trees for people who might need them for the 18 degree weather. One of the scarves was tied up with wire to create a ring that could be taken apart for warmth. Says Yarn Bomber Ellen – ‘Now I know why National Yarn Bombing occurs in June’! Ellen lives in the LA area and her sister, who came up with the idea, is founder of Millie’s Hats for Hope Initiative in Dearborn Michigan.