Four Generations of Women

I wanted to send a representation of the four generations of my family.  The picture is of four rings, each on the hand of my grandmother, mother, daughter, and myself; strong women that I love.  I made a simple crochet  ring for each, doing a single crochet in the back loop to give it a little more elastic.


The Sunset

I put a ring on the beautiful sunset. The beach during sunset is my
favorite place, it’s where I’m most at peace. It’s my calming exhale.


Beach Cities Swing

I placed this ring on the sign for Beach Cities Swing, a swing dancing event with a live 17-piece band, held monthly (third Sundays) at the Automobile Driving Museum. My son and I are regulars. He loves to dance. In the photo, you see his dancing chair–it’s lighter, more maneuverable than his regular wheelchair. He’s pretending not to be part of the yarnbombing. Doesn’t he look innocent?) The dance is so fun. Music is great, everyone is very welcoming and encouraging, always a diverse crowd; it’s a highlight of our social schedule. They get a ring.



My second morse code ring was placed on the shelf of children’s books, inside Cork’er, an Irish cafe, which shares space with Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach. What’s better than an independent bookstore where you can also get a reuben sandwich and a tasty local beer? Author appearances, movie nights, and easy parking too. Love this spot.



Crochet literally saved my life. And then I wrote a book about that experience and it allowed me to connect to others who healed through the craft as well, saving my life in a new way. So what I love so much I’d marry it is crochet itself, the healing powers of the craft, the crochet community and the ongoing self-expression it allows me.



A flower ring on my beehive in the back yard. Those girls have made my garden sing with fruit and flowers!


My vegetable garden

Here is my veggie ring – two hands entwined holding vegetables like those I’ve been growing in my community garden plot for the last eight years. We have a wonderful group of gardeners there, so it’s both palatably and socially sustaining!


Neighborhood Grinds

My first morse code ring went to Neighborhood Grinds, a place where I eat and drink and pick up my CSA box and enjoy poetry nights and open mikes and crochet groups and art exhibits, where I read and chat, where I often am when I’m not home. They are engaged in building community, so they get a ring from me. (Ring is on top of their sign; had to climb a chair to place it.)



I made these with Paracord and the ring is by Mix and Mingle beads and charms. This is a new little project I am doing. Since I am single- I decided to wear a ring- it may be small but it is making me happy!!